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Logging into the ILDA Member & Event Management website is normally simple. However, if you already are in our database but you have problems logging in, we want to make sure you don't give up and create a new, duplicate database record. So check the instructions below, which help you if you're already in our database.

If you try the instructions below but still have problems logging in, feel free to contact ILDA for more help.

For current Members (active Members who have paid dues, or those who have a Pending Renewal invoice)

Your log-in Username is the contact email address we have on file for you. If you're not sure which email you used, look up your Membership using one of the Find a Member pages such as List by Contact Name or the Quick Alphabetical List.

  • If you have forgotten your Password, click the "Forgot password" link in the log-in area. Assuming your email is on file, you'll get a message sent to your email address with a link to change the Password.

For expired Members

If your Membership has expired, you still may be in the database. Enter your contact email address in the Username field, and your Password if you remember it.

  •  If you're in the system and the Password is correct, you'll get logged in. You can then renew Membership, sign up for events, etc.
  • If the system says your email and/or Password are incorrect, then it is not immediately possible to know whether the email or the Password are incorrect. Try entering your email and then click the "Forgot password" link.
    • If your email is in the database, you'll be sent an email with a link to change the Password. Do this, and then log in with your email Username and the new Password.
    • If your email is NOT in the database, you'll get a red "Error warning - Email not found" notice.
  • If you are sure your email is not in the database, and you were previously an ILDA Member, you can rejoin as a new Member. Use the Join ILDA menu to do this. Also, please send a separate email to ILDA to let us know you are rejoining, so we can double-check the database for any previous records.

For non-members who previously signed up at this website

Some people may have signed up here for events, so you are in the database but not as a Member. Follow the instructions above for expired Members.

Similarly, some people may have used this website to try to join ILDA, but for whatever reason they did not become Members (usually because the automatically generated invoice was not paid). Again, follow the instructions above for expired Members, to find the database record that was already created by you.

For first-time visitors

If this is your first time using this Member & Event Management website, welcome! If you want to look around you do not need to log in. But if you want to join ILDA, or sign up for one of our events like the ILDA Conference or a laser safety class, you will need to create an account.

  • You can create an account using your existing Facebook or Google+ credentials -- this is probably the easiest method.
  • Or you can create an account using your contact email as the Username, and a Password that you select. This is fine if you don't have, or don't want to use, Facebook or Google+.

How to use Facebook or Google+ to log in

Here's how to use your Facebook or Google+ credentials to log in.

  • If you are already in the database, log in using your current Username and Password, then go to your profile. (Click "View profile" in the upper right corner of the page.) There will be a Social Login section. Use this to change to Facebook or Google+ as your log in.
  • If you are not in the database -- for example, you are newly joining ILDA -- you can choose to use Facebook or Google+ when you create your account. Note that if you don't have or want to use these, you can also create a standard Username (email address) and Password which will be used only within this website.
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