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For Members only 1

This is the first of three "For Members only" menus. There are so many pages they couldn't fit on one menu.

  • If you are an ILDA Member, you will see submenus under the "For Members only" menu. These submenus give you access to features such as the free Skyzan laser safety software, ILDA Member logos for downloading, and photos of the ILDA Awards.
  • If you are not an ILDA Member, you will not see these submenus and will not have access. However, we certainly encourage you to join!

As of January 2022, the "For ILDA Members only" menus are:

For Members only 1:

  • FAA report tips -- Suggestions regarding filling out the FAA's "Notice of Proposed Outdoor Laser Operations" form that is included with FAA's Advisory Circular 70-1 "Outdoor Laser Operations".
  • FAA contact info -- Some information about who to contact in the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
  • Blank lasershow safety form -- A Word document that may help in creating and filing information for laser show risk assessments and pre-show checks

For Members only 2:

  • Add employees to your Membership -- ILDA Corporate Level 1, 2 and 3 Members can add employees to this website, so they can log onto the site with their own identity for forum discussions, event registrations, etc. This page has instructions on how to add so-called "bundle" members. Note that Corporate Level 1 can have the main Membership plus three "bundle" members, CL2 can have the main Membership plus two "bundle" members, and CL3 can have the main Membership plus one "bundle" member.
  • ILDA List email -- How to get onto the email list; what the list is used for

For Members only 3:

  • Videos of the 2021 ILDA Conference -- This Conference was held online over the weekend of Nov. 5-7, 2021. Zoom recordings of selected presentations and events are available for Members.
  • Questions for FDA Nov 2019 -- Questions asked by ILDA Members to FDA officials, prior to the November 2019 ILDA Conference in Orlando
  • Nov 2019 FDA presentation at ILDA -- Transcript and PowerPoint slides of a presentation given by FDA's Dr. William , regarding FDA laser regulation updates and changes


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