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May 25, 2018


The website contains a database used to manage membership (renewals etc.), to register people for events, and to collect payments through the Pay page.


The website runs on Membership Management Software developed by a company called Wild Apricot. Click here for their privacy policy, some of which pertains only to ILDA as a Wild Apricot customer, but some of which may be applicable to persons who use

The rest of this page refers specifically to how ILDA collects and uses the information at


Any person can sign up to log into the website. This puts the information they enter into the database.

Some persons may never go through with membership or event registration. In this case, the information we retain is the login email and any other information furnished by the person. Their password is also retained deep in the database, but ILDA does not have access to this. (If you forget your password, use the Change Password feature since we do not know it and cannot get it.)

For members and event registrants, we retain the login email, and any other information furnished when signing up for membership, or later subsequently changed by the person. We also retain information on transactions such as invoices, membership renewals, registrations for events, etc. The information includes dates and amounts but does NOT include credit card information.


Member information is publicly available to anyone by using one of the various "Find a Member" webpages such as this one that searches the database for members. If you do not want information to be seen by the public, change the relevant part of your account (database information) as described below.


ILDA uses email sent by this website's database to communicate with members. Some messages are automated, such as renewal reminders. Others are written and sent by ILDA to members, or selected groups (recent non-renewals, committee members, etc.). These emails are generated using the database software. You can request to be removed from this list (contact us) but note that you will not get any renewal notices, nor other messages from ILDA such as inquiries from persons looking for laser show companies.

ILDA has a separate mailing list, the ILDA List, which is available to members. This "listserv" is only for those who have subscribed to the list. This helps keep down spam. The ILDA List has a separate procedure for subscribing or unsubscribing. See the ILDA List page for more information. This page is private so that only members can access it.


ILDA does not sell or otherwise disseminate its membership list.

The sole exception, as of May 25 2018, is that ILDA provides its membership list to a company, E&M Consulting, so they can contact members asking them to advertise in ILDA's The Laserist magazine. If you believe E&M Consulting has gone beyond this agreement, or if you otherwise want to be removed from their copy of the ILDA membership list, contact both ILDA and E&M Consulting.

If you see email which appears to come from ILDA but is in fact spam, we do not send this out and so you should contact us. Often such email has a "spoofed" address -- ILDA had nothing to do with the message but the address incorrectly indicates that we did.


Anyone who has created a login account can login, view and change the information associated with their account. 

If a person wants to close their account, or wants to know if they have a login account, contact us with basic information such as the name used, email used, etc. so we can search for the account. If it exists, we can delete it or otherwise update the account as requested.

While the account may be deleted online, the account information may be retained in past historical records (database downloads) performed by ILDA from time to time, approximately four times per year.


If you reside in the European Union, you have a right to object when we process your personal data. If you exercise that right, and ILDA can reasonably accommodate your request (for example, to be removed from all email), we will do so. However there may be personal data processing that we cannot reasonably accommodate for a membership organization (for example, to have your membership information be deleted) in which case we will need to terminate your membership in order to remove your information. There will be no refunds or other compensation in case of membership termination due to your objection to our reasonable needs for keeping membership or related data.

If you reside in the European Union, you also have a right to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. As of May 25 2018 we only have one direct marketing outreach, which is the advertising request from E&M Consulting listed above. You may exercise your right to object in which case we will ask E&M Consulting to remove you from current and future marketing.

To exercise your right to object, contact us.


Payments are handled separately by (as of May 2018) a company called AffiniPay. When a person wants to pay at the website, the person's name, address, payment amount, etc. is automatically sent to AffiniPay. They ask for the credit card information, run the transaction, and report back to if the transaction is successful or not. Neither ILDA nor knows or retains credit card numbers from transactions.


ILDA does not collect or use "cookies". The website provider, Wild Apricot, may use cookies; see their privacy policy as discussed earlier on this page.


We do not run ads, and so there are no ad trackers at may have links to other websites with their own privacy policies. By clicking off of, you would be subject to those websites’ collection procedures and privacy policies.

Google, ISPs or others may monitor web browsers and thus collect aggregated information about number of visitors, etc. but this is not done by ILDA, and ILDA does not normally or routinely check Google Analytics.


If you have any questions or problems about our privacy policy or how we use information at, contact us.

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