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ILDA Membership Requirements

Our goal is to have ILDA Members achieve higher standards of satisfaction and safety. This is why to join or renew your ILDA Membership, you must agree to follow the policies below. Especially important policies are listed in green.

Agree to Code of Ethics

ILDA Members are bound by the Code of Ethics. Additional information is online at the Code of Ethics page.
  • Members desire to promote cooperative, responsible and ethical application of laser display.
  • Members agree to conduct their business in a professional, ethical, safe and courteous manner, and to make a good faith effort to resolve any and all complaints made against them.
  • Members agree to respect the goals, desires and objectives of their clients.
  • Members agree to observe and obey any and all regulations governing the use of lasers in any country or area in which the member operates.
  • No member will knowingly take or receive credit for work done by another member or, through inaction, knowingly allow an incorrect credit to persist.
  • Members agree not to make inaccurate or misleading claims in advertising and/or promotion.
  • No member will knowingly make inaccurate or slanderous statements about any competitor or through silence lend credibility to statements made by others.
  • Members will not misrepresent their capabilities or the capabilities of the medium in general.
  • Members agree to keep privileged information confidential that was obtained by reason of their position in ILDA.
If a customer or anyone feels that an ILDA Member has violated the Code of Ethics or the Code of Business Practice, they can file an Ethics Complaint against the ILDA Member. This will be investigated. For proven violations, the maximum punishment would be termination of Membership.

Agree to Code of Business Practice

These are excerpts from the first 2 of 31 clauses in the Code of Business Practice. The entire Code is online at the Code of Business Practice page.
  1. ILDA Members shall comply with generally accepted ethical business practices and guidelines. This includes compliance with guidelines issued by reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and eBay online selling guidelines.
  2. This document (ILDA Code of Business Practice) cannot include all possible generally accepted ethical business practices and guidelines. Therefore, clear, repeated, and/or deliberate violations of generally accepted ethical business practices and guidelines shall be taken as violations of this document and of the ILDA Code of Ethics.

 Acknowledge ILDA’s Laser Show Safety - Basic Principles

These are excerpts from the 11 Basic Principles of laser safety. The entire document, with additional details, is online.
  1. Above any other considerations, a laser show must be safe.
  2. I am ultimately responsible for the laser show’s safety.
  3. I will not present a show which is hazardous.
  4. I will not allow others to override safety considerations.
  5. My shows will be continuously monitored.
  6. Laser safety standards and guidelines should be followed at all times.
  7. I will use backup methods to ensure if beams do not hit a target, they will not pose a hazard.
  8. Audience scanning requires the highest level of laser safety knowledge.
  9. Pulsed lasers should never be used for audience scanning.
  10. If I do not understand the above-referenced standards or if I do not have the equipment and procedures to ensure audience safety, I will not do audience scanning.
  11. When doing outdoor shows, I will not illuminate aircraft.

   Certify that there are no unresolved Ethics issues

The ILDA Ethics Committee investigates and resolves complaints brought against Members. If an Ethics issue has not been resolved, we do not allow Membership to the company or person involved.

Therefore, by joining or renewing, you certify that to the best of your knowledge there are no unresolved Ethics issues for the company or person applying for Membership.

Note that this restriction against Membership also applies to:
  • Companies owned in whole or in part by any firm or individual with unresolved Ethics issues, or
  • An owner or a C-level executive in a company that would not be allowed to join or rejoin ILDA due to unresolved Ethics issues.

Acknowledge that Individual, Hobbyist and Student Memberships are not for commercial purposes

If you are an Individual, Hobbyist or Student Member, you are prohibited from using your ILDA Membership to promote commercial laser display activities such as shows and products. It is OK to promote yourself as a freelancer or as a one-person consultant. Details are online.
  • You cannot use ILDA Member logos on commercial webpages or materials.
  • You cannot promote commercial activities in the ILDA Directory listings.
  • You cannot receive financial discounts offered to ILDA Members
  • You cannot take advantage of insurance referrals or other business-related programs offered by ILDA.

   The ILDA Board of Directors can review any Membership, both new and existing

This website allows automated joining and renewing of ILDA Memberships. However, note that the ILDA Board of Directors may review, approve, disapprove, suspend and/or expel Members of the Association, as described in ILDA's Bylaws. To give an example, if a company is found to be selling laser equipment or services in the U.S. without appropriate documentation from the FDA (Laser Product Report, accession number, and/or approved variance) then the Membership may be revoked.
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