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ILDA Shop at CafePress

ILDA has t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, wall calendars, and more at our CafePress ILDA Shop store. Click the photo to go to the ILDA Shop.

Notes about CafePress wall calendars

1) When you see the calendars at CafePress, they may show all the month photos as being the same. However, this is a CafePress error. In the printed calendar that you'll receive, all the month photos are different, as shown below. The images below show the calendar cover, a spread for the month of January, plus the photos for each month. Click on an image to see a larger version.

2) When you order, you will get the current, up-to-date calendar. The months below will be for the latest available calendar year. The red type on each image below explains how this works. That way, if you prefer a particular set or year of ILDA Award photos, you can get a current, up-to-date calendar with those photos.

3) The CafePress calendar does not have any special days or dates. The Shutterfly calendar does have special days such as March 7 being "International Laserist Day," so for this reason we consider it preferable.

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