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General payments -- NOT dues or registration

Use this page for general payments such as: ILDA Award entry fees, Award duplicate trophies, sponsorships, donations, ads, etc.

Do NOT pay Membership dues or Conference registration on this page -- use the Join page, the Renew page, or the Event registration page instead.

LOG IN FIRST: If you are already an ILDA Member, or are otherwise in our database, be sure to log in before filling out this page. (Look in the upper right corner of this page for the Login email and password fields.)

That way, you will not have to fill in the Organization, First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone and other fields shown at right. Also, you won't duplicate yourself in the database. 

Instead, you can save time by going directly to the Amount and Reason for Payment fields.

Some payment/donation amounts:

ILDA Award entry fees

Amount varies depending on number of entries. See your filled-out ILDA Award Entry Form to find out the exact amount owed (after the first five entries, which are free).

ILDA New Talent Search entry processing fees

One entry: USD $10
Two entries: USD $25 total
Three entries: USD $50 total
Three entries is the maximum allowed from any one person. Please add your name to the "Reason for payment or donation/Notes" field below.

ILDA Award duplicate & "add-a-line" trophies

Award winners can order duplicates of their ILDA trophies, from any year past or current.
     Duplicate First Place: USD $135 if you are a current ILDA Member, $200 if you are not a Member.
     Duplicate Second Place: USD $90 Member / $130 non-Member
     Duplicate Third Place: USD $75 Member / $110 non-Member
     Duplicate Hon. Mention: USD $42 Member / $63 non-Member

Award winners can also order "add-a-line" trophies. These have the same information as the original trophy (e.g., a duplicate) but you can also add an additional short line. The added line cannot seem to imply that the extra person or company is the award winner. So if you add a someone's name you must also add their job title or other relationship to the award. Here are some acceptable add-a-line examples:
  • Thank you to a wonderful client
  • Laser Operator - Arlene Kryzinski
  • Ahmed elHussain, Producer
  • Music by Sergei Tomarov
  • Lasers from AllBright Rentals
  • With appreciation to Western Arena
     Add-a-Line First Place: USD $145 if you are a current ILDA Member, $210 if you are not a Member.
     Add-a-Line Second Place: USD $100 Member / $140 non-Member
     Add-a-Line Third Place: USD $85 Member / $120 non-Member
     Add-a-Line Hon. Mention: USD $52 Member / $73 non-Member
The above prices are for the actual trophy(ies) and do NOT include shipping costs. We will bill you for these costs after the trophy(ies) have been shipped.

ILDA sponsorships

ILDA sponsorship amounts vary. For an example, see the "Sponsorship" section at the bottom of the 2017 ILDA Conference page.
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* Mandatory fields
For Individual or Student Membership, enter Lastname, Firstname. Examples: Smith, John or von Hoffman, Gabriela.
*First name
Middle name or initial
*Last name
Examples: Jr., Sr., M.D., Ph.D., etc.
*Main phone
Your primary office or work phone -- where people should try first to telephone you. Include your country code such as: +1 407-797-7654 or +49 (0) 9876-1234.
Alternate phone
A secondary phone, such as a cell phone or home phone, where you can be contacted if the main phone does not answer. This will be published in the ILDA Directory, so do not enter anything if you want your secondary number to be private.
Your main email address to conduct ILDA business. IF REGISTERING FOR AN EVENT: At the first page "Enter registrant email", use your login email. For Members, this will unlock the ILDA Member discount if one is offered.
Website URL
Use for Corporate and Nonprofit Members. For Individuals and Students, use only if you are freelancer or a consultant -- do NOT use for a lasershow company or other commercial activity.
*Amount ($USD)
*Reason for payment or donation/Notes
Tell us what you are paying for (ILDA Award entry fee, trophy duplicates, sponsorship, advertising, donation, etc.). You can also add any notes or text about your payment/donation. For trophies, list the wording on the trophy.

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